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Our expertise

We focus on the medical device, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors.

We work with companies that are at different stages of their lifecycle, from biotechnology starts ups to large multinationals.

The health industry, the world of biotechs, medical research are greedy sectors in terms of recruitment.

For the last 10 years, PERSUADERS RECRUTEMENT’s “Health Industries” Business Unit has been formed by the expertise of employees in pharmaceutical laboratories, medical equipment, instrumentation and IVD, biotechnology, and medical devices …. We know exactly what issues you face.

We work on all business occupations with strategic and operational responsibilities in a national scope, from Middle to Top Management.

Openness, flexibility, proximity and transparency are our values.

Expert consultants and passionate about Medical Devices

Our consultants have developed expertise in the health sector and its markets.

We are aware of the contemporary reforms, their stakes and impacts (T2A, HPST, Loi Bertrand) follow the movements of the sector, …

A different approach to recruitment for the Health segment

The double expertise of our recruiters specializing in HealthCare guarantees you a different and effective advice: we challenge your expectations, even your needs; and anticipate the evolution of your business and do not hesitate to think outside the box to propose the most relevant candidates.

"Innovative therapies, personalization, quality of life and optimization of the health system ..."

Let us be proud of the training of our researchers and our capacity for innovation in a sector that makes sense. In 2018, health sector start-ups accounted for one-third of start-ups using breakthrough technologies (nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, big data). A much larger share than for the finance sector or the B2C sector. However, a lack of funding hampers their growth … “Start-ups easily finance up to 3 million euros but as soon as they make the first proofs of concept and want to go to clinical trial, where they have to raise 50 or even 100 million to go to the end, there is no ecosystem in France and this is what allows to put products on the market “, observes the president of France BIOTECH. These health tech start-ups are also facing increased recruitment needs, particularly in the national market. Obstacles that lead some young French nuggets to realize their development abroad …


Biotech expects more from France

France enjoys a favorable climate for the creation of technology companies in the health sector. But their development then takes the obstacle course

Source : The Echos

Expert review

In the PERSUADERS Healthcare team, we are all passionate about the LIFESCIENCES professions. We share with you the meaning of this profession, its purpose: its usefulness.

For all our missions, we are always looking for advanced skills, mastery of technologies, knowledge of the markets and their actors but at the end of it we are looking for men, women wishing to bring, build and for whom the Medtech sector, Biotechs, Nanotechs makes sense.

Involvement and conviction are at the heart of the motivations of the profiles we meet every day. These are often two crucial criteria in the final choices of our customers.

What brings us in the end, therefore, is to identify the personalities most suited to your different environments, your customers, your processes and your teams.

This quest justifies all our commitment, our involvement.

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