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A word from the team

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Real Estate is a passionate business.

Diversified and at the same time very cyclical, this sector has very specific codes which requires tenacity and determination to settle permanently.
Thanks to 8 years of recruitment, we have assimilated the practices and customs, which today, allow us to support any typology of real estate companies on their recruitments / evaluations of employees.

Our knowledge of the trades cannot be improvised, it allows us to be sharp, hard-hitting, to think outside the box and to be force of proposition with our customers and relevant in the choice of our candidates. Recruiting in the Real Estate sector is an integral part of our DNA, it is not a default choice.

Romain CORSO

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Examples of researched profiles

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Our team specialized on Real estate & Construction

Manager of Nantes & Real Estate BU

Romain CORSO

Graduated from Nantes ESC with a specialization in Human Resources, I have been passionate by the recruitment sector for 7 years now.

Giving a new perspective to a professional career is, in my opinion, a meaningful action. The human side of our trade is to my taste its greatest treasure!

Curious about everything, I take advantage of every free moment to discover all types sports, visit new countries, keep track of the news, perfect myself.

I would like to be Zen enough to love everything in life but the lack of honesty and bad faith are hardly bearable to me.

The gift I would like to have? Traveling to the other side of the world instantly, would be pretty cool!

My motto: “Follies are the only things that you never regret” Oscar Wilde

Real Estate & Construction

Office : Nantes


Our lastest job offers in Real estate & Construction

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