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Because changing one’s life cannot be improvised, our consultants have a perfect knowledge of the languages and cultures of the countries where the doctors we introduce to our clients come from. This is necessary to guarantee a good match between the client’s request and the doctor’s expectation. To assure the best possible success of recruitment, we assist our clients and our candidates from the beginning of the process until six month after taking up the position.

Our passion for our profession has led us to recruit in the health sector, with a strong specialization in the recruitment of doctors of all specialties, but also dentists, and pharmacists.


For more than 10 years now, our recruitment agency which specializes in the health sector has been lending its expertise to hospitals, liberal cabinets, and local authorities, in all medical specialties.


Our team has now 7 different nationalities, in order to be closer to our candidates, to develop not just a professional project with them, but above all, a life project. From the identification of the doctors to their integration, we accompany them to guarantee a long-term integration.  


A true partnership between you and us at the service of the doctor recruitment mission. Our method is focused on a single objective: 100% customer satisfaction.

Recruiting But Not Only...

Recruiting is the core of our profession. For the medical profession, this is necessary, but not sufficient.

We pay great attention to truly accompanying professionals in the development of their life project: finding housing, moving, registering the Medical Association, finding schools for their children…

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Find, Motivate and Support

Beyond our expertise in recruitment and multiculturalism, recruiting a doctor requires particular and complex administrative specificities. We position ourselves as the “counterpart” of each of the actors and take care of all the time-consuming back-office parts, which requires good knowledge and legislation.


So going through Persuaders is a way to ensure fast and quality recruitment. Our sourcing team shares the language, culture, and history. All issues related to the mobility of a professional, and often of his or her family, are discussed naturally. This trusting relationship makes all the difference.

We are going through a very difficult period in terms of medical demography.” A problem that is bound to get worse: “it’s all very predictable, we know what the reality will be tomorrow and the worst is yet to come, unfortunately “, continues the elected representative “we’re going to have a very difficult time in terms of medical demography. There is no magic bullet, there is no ready-made solution that will allow us to reduce the deserts that will necessarily increase over the next ten years”, agrees Olivier Vérand, MP for Isére, neurologist and general rapporteur of the Social Affairs Commission.


We are going to spend a very difficult period in terms of medical demography. “A problem that is doomed to get worse”: it is hyper forecast, we know what will be the reality tomorrow and the worst is yet to come, unfortunately, “continues the elected one. “We will spend a very difficult period in terms of medical demography. There is no martingale, there is not a ready-made solution that would tomorrow reduce the deserts that will necessarily grow for ten years”, abounds Olivier Véran, deputy of Isère, neurologist and general rapporteur of the Social Affairs Committee.

Source: Europe 1

Expert's Opinion

The shortage of health professions in France is a fact. The end of the numerus clausus is excellent news in this sense. However, its beneficial effects will take time. In the short term, our human-based approach, which is particularly qualitative, makes sense.

Our goal is to identify skills and availability, but also to create links. We are proud of our director’s long-term engagement with our clients.

We are proud of the testimonies of patients who have crossed paths with our doctors.

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