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Our Expertise

Our candidates and clients’ trust is our driving force.


Our advice and our ability to make proposals, allow us to be key actors in your HR & Business challenges.

We are motivated by the density and range of skills related to these professions. We know how to challenge projects, organizations, and people to help you recruit the best candidates.


Our main areas of intervention: 


  • Strategy consulting: strategic plan ⅗ years / profitability improvement / strategic due diligence / restructuring
  • Organizational consulting: from diagnosis to implementation of solutions /reorganization of business departments /project management (PMO, AMOA), transformation (IS master plan, departmental mutualization)
  • Performance and cost optimization consulting : innovation performance management / tax cost management and saving management / operational excellence / lean management
  • Digital & IS consulting
  • Management consulting

“To succeed, planning alone is insufficient…

… one must improvise as well” Isaac Asimov.

In the midst of the “war for talent”, we do everything we can do to recruit the best talents. We attract, recruit and retain ultra-connected and over-solicited candidates.

Our conviction: Teamwork 

We recommend responsiveness, exemplarity, transparency, and promotion of your employer image.

métiers du conseil

Customised Support

Adapted to different stages of your firm’s development :

  • Remuneration study
  • Benchmarking and analysis of your image and processes, optimization of your employer image
  • New practice or offer launch
  • Identification of potential partners or teams to buy/recruit
  • Selecting and sending the best available consultants in your segment on a continuous basis
  • Process improvement

Not Always Easy to Find Your Way

Alice: “Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?” 

The Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

Lewis Carroll

The mission of our executive search consultancy is to accompany our candidates at every stage of their reflection.


Indeed, changing firms, being a consultant or freelancer, leaving consulting to join a corporate firm, or apprehending the commercial dimension are among the questions to which we provide, sometimes, an answer, and always knowledge and clarification.

We want to adapt to our candidates, to make their objectives our own.


Our consultants are informed of the evolution of the job market in real-time. Permanent sectoral monitoring and frequent exchanges with candidates and companies help them to be perfectly informed about changes in the job market, salary scale, the availability of profiles and skills, or the emergence of new expertise.


What was once considered as a futurist fantasy is no longer so. Motivated by the promised profits, companies, especially the largest ones, have embarked on the exploitation of data and artificial intelligence projects, with the new situation, the audit, legal, and consultancy sectors have no choice but to embark on it, too.

Source: Les Echos Executives

Expert's Opinion

The main key theme, notably the digitalization and internationalization of consultancy projects, favor the attribution of major transformation projects to the largest actors capable of mobilizing several specialties.

The 22% of growth in the management consulting sector demands that firms: make ambitious investments in recruiting, acquiring new skills (data science, operational implementation of solutions at the client’s location, etc.), developing new methodologies/toolkits, or refining their positioning. These initiatives are essential to support the development of the company and to deal with a competitive game that is changing rapidly with the arrival of new technologies.  

Recent years have been marked by the entry of new actors, particularly from the technology sector, changing the historical limits of the market, with innovative business models.

We see strong pressure on the recruitment of senior consultants to manager profiles for the period 2019-2022. The paradigm of the candidate/employer market is reversing, so it is necessary to be reactive, agile, and flexible in the recruitment process.

Confronted with these challenges, our role is to assist consulting firms in their selection of visionary, assertive resources, who can talk about machine learning or Satoshi Nakamoto, while being positioned in the public sector… 

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