Another vision of recruitment
for Executives and Leaders

We are / Our vision

Our commitment

Always seeking for the truth… Our mission is to advise both companies and job seekers, with full transparency and authenticity, even if, sometimes, it means that we have to question their beliefs.


Jean-Marc Buannic, CEO & founder of Persuaders

* (Source satisfaction survey Persuaders 2018 / 5000-candidates sample surveyed)
** (Source survey “recruited candidates” Persuaders)

Accompany the recruitment of executives and leaders

For almost 20 years now, with more than 250 new recruitments every year, our Middle Managers and Executive Recruitment Consulting Firm supports you with tailor-made solutions.


Our mission is to find the right candidate to meet your objectives and contribute to the valorization of your ambitions.


We have a strong conviction in Persuaders, embedded in our DNA, guiding the way we recruit: the “good” candidate is more than a combination of diplomas and skills. It is the fine balance between personality, potential and motivation, the unique blend of abilities and aspirations.

An innovative method of recruitment

For a different approach, an innovative methodology.

Focusing on your expectations and the personality of the candidate, the method identifies strengths, aspirations and areas of improvement for everyone.

We are going beyond what our candidates do or know how to do. We are really interested in who they are, and what drives them in order to anticipate changes, and project them into the future.

notre vision du recrutement

What makes sense for us as recruiters

Pragmatism and efficiency

We have a strong results oriented culture.
We will bring you rhythm, means, commitment, methods. We are here to help you make the right decisions. Meeting with the right people is not just a coincidence.

Authenticity and transparency

Enlightening is the basis of our business. We strive to go beyond appearances, look for the unsaid and go beyond words. Mirror effect, perspective in perspective, height of view, added value of advice and benchmarking are our key ideas. We never hesitate to challenge you with truth and lucidity… This is what we do for ourselves everyday.