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Mass catering, security, safety, logistics, transport, multi-services, company crèches, energy and HVAC, cleaning and sanitation… There are as many sectors as there are interesting specificities.

FM – Facility Management – efficient facility management offers real added value in terms of risk management. The digitalization of the service professions, particularly with BIM (building information modeling) means that FM operators must offer responsive services. This evolution also generates the creation of new professions, to which recruitment must adapt.

At PERSUADERS, we focus our attention on understanding your development, to match your challenges with the personality and project of the candidates, we work across the entire chain: production, sales, engineering, purchasing, etc.

Beyond Services, a Solution Approach

The solutions expected by our clients are in constant evolution.

So, our consultants are constantly looking for the most suitable profiles, often from related sectors of activity.

The services and FM sector is dynamic, especially in recent years.

Our consultants follow this evolution for over years, with passion.

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& Engagement

3 essential qualities of the services & facility management sector.

With the digital revolution, a changing work organization, and new mobility, jobs are changing. This requires a constant review and renewal of skills. In our opinion, the personality and spirit of service remain unchanged.

People at the Core of Services

The competitive environment, in which companies operate, forces them to redefine their management models. FM service providers have to be even more efficient and flexible to guarantee a high level of service in all areas (cost control, management, etc.).

Anticipating these changes means recruiting flexible profiles who know how to challenge their added-value. Reception services, catering, multi-technical services, safety and security, HVAC, companies are increasingly externalizing these activities. Today, the challenge for service providers is to provide quality services, and to anticipate innovation and unformulated market expectations. For this, the profiles expected and recruited must be different. They are experienced and agile, anticipate, and know how to challenge their added-value.


“Overtaken by an agile, immediate and digital world, the models in use nowadays are obsolete. We need to manage the human dimension differently and change our perspective. The extraordinary wealth of the men and women who constitute each company must be valued and used differently.”

Source: Le monde

Expert's opinion

More than ever, the position of the actors and the competitive game are not fixed in this market. More than anywhere else, the success of companies’ projects and ambitions is directly linked to individuals.


In addition to multi-skilled profiles, our clients need employees who are in harmony with the values of the market and the company. Our methodology helps us to listen to the candidates: their achievements, their expectations, their failures, and their successes. With kindness and lucidity, we confront them with what they are and what they can pursue so that they can develop their potential. Personality, listening, and advice are our watchwords so that the candidates bring you innovation and agility.

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