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Our promise: to accompany you in your development, your leadership, and in the changes.

As true “sparring partners*”, we especially support executive and senior managers, high potentials and future leaders, and also management teams (COMEX-CODIR).


Our team of agile coaches, for most of whom, certified HEC Executive coaches, must have occupied executive positions and for positions on management committees. This enables them to bring a range of perspectives and experiences to the client with the coaches.

*(The sparring-partner is a concept based on trust and sharing. It is the alternative to consulting, coaching, and mentoring. It is a partnership based on listening, commitment, and on the strength of proposals. An attentive ear that knows your problems because they encountered them.)

executive coaching
executive coaching

Our tone is authentic, challenging, and motivating

A coaching session is organized as follows:


  • An exploratory meeting between the client and the coach, in order to verify that the two parties will work well together.
  • A tripartite framing meeting between the client, the coach, and the managers and/or HR director. This is to refine and clarify the areas of work.
  • Most of the time, 7 face-to-face sessions of 2 hours each are sufficient, AND in parallel, phone calls according to the client’s needs.
  • An intermediate evaluation (point on the objectives reached, remaining to be reached, in order to optimize the second part of the coaching). As well as a final review between the parties involved, prepared by the client.
  • An observation interview of the key points, 6 months after the end of the coaching. 

During this process, we highly recommend that the client keeps a “logbook”. This is done in order to monitor the evolution of the awareness and the development path followed. You will be able to write down the work and relational situation to be explored during the sessions.


myriam ghirardello executive coaching


Executive Coach: a vocational dimension


For Myriam, “coaching has always been an obvious choice in the context of the complexity of human relations and management”. Her vocation: to accompany women and men to find the best of themselves in their professional lives. She leads her clients, towards four dimensions: individual, relational, managerial, and leadership.


Myriam specializes in serving organizations. Her general culture of the company, her pragmatic spirit, her systemic vision of situations and problems, to make complex subjects accessible, her mastery of feedback, her generous approach to relations, as benevolent as confronting: she likes to work in the real world.

Caroline NINAT Executive Coach

Caroline NINAT

Executive Coach: Pragmatism and setting things in motion


Caroline “likes to accompany her clients in the search for their professional identity in the definition of their project, in their desires. “She relies on their resources and talents to help them become aware of their potential and accelerate it. Caroline is convinced that the answer lies within each individual.


Her dual experience in management and HR in international groups worth more than billion euros leads her to accompany her clients towards tangible and operational results. In a safe, authentic, and sometimes confronting space, she helps to find the place on the way in which each person can develop in their work, the best. Her motto: “it is the attitude and the relationship that will make the world”, Carl Rogers.