Your agile career,
our vision of recruitment

Candidats / Notre vision

___ Our promise

another vision
of recruitment

Having a different experience of recruitment.
Simply by being true, you and us.
We bring you dynamism, transparency and authenticity with the sole aim of challenging you beyond your expectations …

And why not off the beaten path?

an original approach to recruitment

The Persuaders method in 5 elements

listening to you, hearing, perceiving your potential … with clairvoyance and lucidity.

understand your functioning, your differences, strengths and points of progress, your motivations … through tonic, challenging and benevolent exchanges.

to bring you a fair and appropriate vision of your profile and your ambitions, in accordance with the reality of the market … with height gain and sectoral expertise.

give you relief, movement, new desires and opportunities; another vision of your future … with density and conviction.

to give you a feedback directly in interview, to present you adapted projects of companies, to advise you and to follow you in your choice, in your integration and during your course … with efficiency and reactivity.

*(Source satisfaction survey Persuaders 2018 / sample 5000 candidates surveyed)
**(Source survey “recruited candidates” Persuaders)

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