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Agro-Food Industry

Our Expertise

We are working on the entire agro-food supply chain: from the design to the sales of products, which include their production. For this, we work with decision-makers and operational staff in all departments (production, method, supply chain, sales, marketing, quality, purchasing, R&D, support functions, etc.).

Leading industrial sector

The agro-food industry is the leading French industrial sector in terms of turnover and employment: a turnover of more than 180 billion euros, 450,000 employees and 4,491 new jobs in 2017. The sector is promising, in constant change, and requires new talents and skills. The key factor to be a part of it is to be passionate about the sector.

This is the case for our consultants who particularly appreciate the values of this sector. We look for the same motivation in the candidates we recruit.

From Managers to Quality Managers

We recruit in production (Factory Manager, Six Sigma, Lean, line or flow manager, Operation Managers), in Sales (Sales, Director GMS/CHR, Sales Directors, KAM, Export area manager), in R&D and Quality, etc.

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… to master all the expertise of your jobs. We focus on our contribution to the vision and understanding of your projects and those of our candidates. Especially for this sector, it is fundamental to spend the appropriate amount of time in your production site, to understand, identify and perceive your expectations. As ambassadors of your brand and image, we are constantly looking for ways to bring meaning to your projects.

The 5 Main Challenges of the Food Industry

  1. Feeding 9 billion people by 2050
  2.  Maintaining our competitiveness 
  3. Preserving our planet’s resources
  4. Supporting the ecological transition
  5. Protecting our expertise and food culture

The historical model of the agro-food sector is no longer the norm. These new consumer expectations are questioning the historical model of the agro-food sector. While standardization, massification/rationalization of flow, limited investment capacity, and price instability used to be the norm, the sector is changing to deal with the new challenges: the needs for agility to address specific needs, a closer relationship with produce/consumer in order to identify trends, adapt production methods, obtain long-term visibility, etc.

Source: PWC

Agro-Food Challenging Recruitment

According to a study released by the “Observatoire des métiers des IA” (Observia), nearly 4 recruiters out of 10 in the agro-food sector encountered difficulties on at least one recruitment project last year. In total, more than 17,000 positions remain vacant in the sector. Why?


  • unsuitable skills in relation to the required profile
  • insufficient level of experience
  • lack of candidates on the territory
  • lack of motivation of candidates


But not only… The sector is traditional, historic, not very disturbed, with many small companies, family-owned SMEs, and international groups still using standards which have proved their worth in the past, but which must be challenged today. We need to recruit differently, to be more receptive to skills, to potential… We (you and us) need to make future collaborators want to join you, to make their contribution to a noble, necessary and vital sector. We have a real role to play as a sector ambassador, in professions which today are less attractive than in the past, for some of us.


The role of our specialized industry firm is to assist you in your recruitment, attractiveness, and candidate seduction issue because this is what we are talking about: attracting talents to develop your projects. Nothing more, without people, the company has no meaning.


Example: the CEO of a beautiful family-owned food company is looking for his HR Manager by challenging us: “… my dream would be to break the models, to change our way of managing people, … I would love to recruit the HR Manager of Google for example!”

We later investigated his motivation and the reasons for this desire. Then, we identified, searched, motivated, and met several dozen candidates to finally recruit… the HR Directory of one of the GAFAs. This is our job, our vocation, and our desire for this sector which is fascinating, enriching, and which can be reinvented!

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