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The Human Resources function is not just about recruitment, far from it.

Especially when the company reaches that famous cape of 11 employees, a multitude of obligations and constraints appear. We are here to reduce some of these social, labor, and financial risks, and anticipate them by providing solutions and advice. Free yourself from this non-productive time, so that you can concentrate on your core profession!

This is where the real added value lies…

Human Resources Specialists

Our expertise:


To respond to the questions of your company managers, CFO, or HR departments by giving a pragmatic and realistic assessment of their Human Resources.

Our HR consulting activity helps you to :

  • Identify short, medium, and long term social and labor risks and assist you to resolve them,
  • Simplify your administrative management, optimize your time and increase your efficiency in the management of your daily HR activities,
  • Develop your company’s growth by reducing your staff turnover, attracting new talent, and controlling your remuneration policy.

An activity carried out by Human Resources Specialists and former Managers.

“Our objective: to co-construct with our client custom-made support, that will bring them clarity and legibility!”

CASE STUDY: How we help you

Biotech, based in the 44th region of France, with 45 employees, our client did not have an internal HR function. Legislation requires to meet a large number of obligations… In order to comply with law labor and to anticipate risks, we assisted it on several subjects:

     1. Setting up the CSE

     2. Verification and standardization of employment contracts (update of the professional classification creation of job descriptions and/or job references report on the Prevention and Information visit (VIP))

     3. Implementation of the single risk evaluation document (DVER) (Identification of service providers and price negotiations)

     4. Creation of organization chart (company and establishment) (Definition of a support program for managers or future managers, update on delegations of signature, assessment of obligation to hire disabled staff (6%); implementation of a remuneration policy with a salary scale ; Definition of benefit and social advantages)

     5. Creation and implementation of internal regulations

     6. Review of professional interviews from March 2014 to March 2020

     7. Assessment with an advisor from the skills operator (OCPO) of financial services and advice on the funds available for training in 2020 (CQP, Contract pro, index)

    8. Definition of training plan

    9. RGPD update (Identification of service providers and price negotiation, the appointment of a Data protection officer)

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Our domain of intervention

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