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Former Director of Purchasing, and buyers, our team is fully aware of the constraints, specificities and potential of the sector.

To recruit in the Purchasing and Supply Chain functions with quality and ability, you need to know the business lines, the players, their challenges, and future challenges based on your progress or strategy that can be: Mastering information technologies and Digital, Predictive analytics and Big data, Omnicanality of the offer, E reputation & Compliance, Sustainable Development, …

Beyond this sectoral expertise we pay a lot of attention to the cross-section of knowledge and know-how of the candidates we bring to you:

Being a recognized contributor to the company’s strategy
Anticipate, prevent and control risks in a complex and evolving environment
Develop, engage and retain employees
Create value for the company and its ecosystem
Initiate and pilot innovation

A strategic business

Authentic link between supply and demand by helping to offer consumers a variety of products and services that are varied and innovative, cheaper and always available:

The Purchasing and Supply Chain functions are more than ever tactical for companies.

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Evolution needed

The double expertise of our recruiting specialists Purchasing & Supply Chain guarantees you a different and effective advice: we challenge your expectations and do not hesitate to think outside the box to propose the most relevant candidates.


Real strategic weapons for companies that are fighting today for the development of their margins and their market shares, in a context of strong transformation, especially digital, the Purchasing and Supply Chain functions play an increasingly important role.

Their fields of action have broadened, their missions have diversified, their skills have evolved, and the panoply of their methods and tools has been considerably enriched.

Their role extends from end to end in the value chain and consists in linking the two poles of the economy of supply and demand of consumers, as complex and fluctuating and volatile as it is, by an efficient control and at a lower cost.


The role of purchasing departments will be decisive in creating high value-added innovation ecosystems …. From the top of their control tower, they identify rather with advanced observers, experts in operational intelligence and co-creator of value.

Source : The Opinion

Expert review

It is undeniable, the Purchasing / Supply Chain functions are at the heart of tomorrow’s challenges and challenges for companies.

Strategic and cross-functional functions, if any, to go faster, do better and cheaper than competition while preserving the environment, the Purchasing and Supply Chain functions are a real growth driver for companies and their professionals, more and more, as true business partners, creators of value for the company.

Out, to obtain this new status of business partner, the Purchasing and Supply Chain professional today requires much more than first-class technical skills!

The Procurement and Supply Chain professional must also know how to evolve and promote its function and performance both within its own organization and externally to its suppliers, be ready to learn and implement new processes and systems. cross-cutting, integrated and connected information, adapt to change and show curiosity and openness.

His interpersonal skills, such as his communication skills, his influence, his agility and flexibility, his initiative and creativity, added to his appetite for new technologies to be able to select good tools and then coordinating them effectively have become just as essential.

In a rapidly changing environment, technical knowledge can become obsolete but not a state of mind, an approach!

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