Job seekers

In 10 years, we are proud to have approached candidates from all backgrounds and trades.

We help you in the construction of your professional career. We perceive our role as that of a revealer.

We seek to evaluate, gauge and not judge, the skills of each of our candidates at a given moment, for a specific position in a particular context. We seek to go beyond your skills and bring you our vision and expertise of the business world by bringing you advice and clear vision of your course.

We are here to help you find the project that will allow you to develop professionally and personally!

We have a common objective: to ensure the best match between your expectations as candidates and those of our clients.

Each interview ends with a debriefing of the consultant allowing you to develop:

  • New directions in your research,
  • A new approach on managing interviews
  • A different setback on your profile.

Thus, an exchange is created, a relationship is woven …

The challenge is as strategic for you as for the consultant. The interest is common: you find the company and the position allowing you to flourish (this without you overseeing the project or positioning yourself in a difficult situation).